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# Run campaigns in accordance with behavior     psychology
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Although Mr. Zuckerberg has gotten a lot of bad press over the last couple of years, you cannot ignore the fact that he has built one of the most favoured social media platform of the century.

The social platform on which you market your business depends where you can find your target audience. You also need to understand that not all people in social media are active on a day to day basis. Forget day to day basis, if I quote the example of google, you can see that there are over 1 billion Google users, but only 35% percent of those users were active in the past month.

Blogs don’t improve SEO; attention grabbing blogs having fresh content which are optimized for right keywords improve SEO.

In short, it isn’t dead, it has just moved. It may surprise outside India to learn, but the largest circulation English-language paper is not from the UK or the U.S. Instead it is The Times of India. It all depends on your niche. Growth of India’s newspaper industry is due to expanding middle class. Internet penetration still remains poor; being 34.4% (according to the survey of 2017).

I am not saying traditional ways of marketing is not good. What I am saying is that digital media has its own advantages, like you can track your conversions and growth; you can advertise on a low budget (and spend 10x less as compared to traditional means) and you can target your audience according to various parameters.

Rule 1 –  Dont forget to hustle

Rule 2- Dont forget rule 1. Peroid.